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We offer Cedar Rapids many forms of therapy and counseling. On this page, you'll learn how therapy can help, who it can help, when you should consider therapy, the various forms of therapy & counseling we offer, and what sets the Guiding Light Christian Counseling Center apart from other therapists in Cedar Rapids. If you're wondering whether or not therapy would help you, let's talk about how exactly therapy can help.

How Can Therapy Help People In Cedar Rapids?

Therapy helps you develop your ability to solve problems. These problems can vary from person to person. They can be anything from managing stress, overcoming fears & phobias, improving interpersonal communications, relieving trauma, dealing with grief, and even creating tools and systems to cope with and rise above challenges. Therapy is an excellent way to improve all aspects of your life, no matter your background, and can help people from all walks of life.

Who Can Therapy Help?

Therapy can help anyone. There isn't a person alive today that can't benefit from sitting down with a qualified therapist to learn how to handle challenging situations, overcome certain problems and improve their relationships. Therapy can significantly help people with cognitive disabilities, suffers from abuse, those dealing with grief or trauma, and even those with relationship problems.

How Long Does It Take For Therapy To Help?

The time it takes for therapy to help can depend on the issues being resolved, but on average, therapy can bring relief in as little as three months. However, treatment time can significantly increase depending on the specific issues you are being treated for.

Harvard released a study on Intensive CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) that displayed patients required 3 - 5 months before feeling relief.

The APA (American Psychological Association released a study titled "How Long Will It Take for Treatment to Work?" in which they show that for those suffering from PTSD, it can take 15 - 20 sessions to feel better.

However, their study found that it can take significantly longer for those suffering from more extreme conditions, such as certain co-occurring conditions or personality difficulties. Their studies show that 12 - 18 months may be required.

Answering the question "How Long" depends on the severity of the challenge you're faced with, but on average, most people will find relief within 3 - 6 months of consistent sessions. We here at Guiding Light Christian Center find this true with many of our services.

What Types of Therapies Do We Offer Cedar Rapids?

Guiding Light Christian Center offers eight types of therapies here in our hometown of Cedar Rapids—from play therapy to family therapy, couples counseling, and even depression and anxiety therapies.

Play Therapy

With play therapy, we aim to help children uncover and learn to deal with and find relief from any trauma, grief, or depression. In addition to this, we also help to arm them with the tools required to become better problem solvers moving forward, as well as the concepts and methods needed to develop healthier relationships with family, friends, and themselves.

Autism Therapy

Autism therapy uses a wide range of treatments and interventions geared toward helping individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to improve their behavioral, social, and communicative skills.

ADHD Therapy

ADHD therapy is focused on helping people learn to not only deal with their condition and take more control over their time and energy but also be a great tool to deal with stress related to their condition.

Anxiety Therapy

We offer a variety of therapeutic methods to help you develop tools and systems to relieve and overcome your anxiety. Anxiety is something that everyone struggles with, but when it becomes something that hurts your quality of life, therapy is one of the best methods of treating not only the symptoms but the cause.

Depression Therapy

Depression counseling or depression therapy focuses on helping those suffering from depression. This type of therapy typically involves meeting with a therapist while discussing the thoughts, feelings, and root causes of depression. This form of treatment aims to help the individual learn healthy coping mechanisms and gain the skills required to alleviate the symptoms of their depression.

Family Therapy

Family counseling focuses on improving the dynamics and communication in a family unit. The focus of this therapy is to help all family members develop healthier relationships with one another and help them understand their influence on one another to promote a more unified familial structure.

Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

Relationship counseling is very similar to marriage counseling, and the focus of this type of counseling is to help couples learn the problem-solving, conflict, and relationship skills required to build healthy relationships with their partners.

Divorce Counseling

Post-divorce counseling, or divorce therapy, focuses on helping people cope with the pain and challenges that occur as a direct result of a divorce or legal separation. 

What Sets Us Apart From Other Therapists Cedar Rapids Offers?

Our Christian faith, flexibility, and experience are the main things that set us apart from other therapists and counselors in Cedar Rapids. Not only are we flexible, understanding, and experienced, but we always lead our sessions with our faith at the forefront whenever possible.