Anxiety therapy.

Christian Counseling for Anxiety and Stress

Everyone at some point in their lives will experience an increase in stress and anxiety based on their own firsthand experiences and life changes. Anxiety itself is not inherently bad as it serves a purpose to keep us safe when our minds perceive a threat or danger. It becomes a concern when anxiety starts to increase in frequency and interfere in our daily routine to the point that we might want to consider therapy to help us cope with the overwhelming feeling that anxiety can cause us to feel.

Collaborating with a therapist in discussing your anxiety, stressors and fears will allow for your therapist to collaborate with you in incorporating techniques to reduce your anxiety. Your therapist will collaborate with you to select the best therapeutic approach based on your own personal needs. The approaches that our therapists utilize include but are not limited to: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Narrative, Purposeful Therapy, and Christian Counseling.

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