ADHD/ADD counseling.

Struggling to Focus? We Can Help

Ever felt as though your mind was going a mile a minute and unable to stop, begin projects only to leave them unfinished? School or work is a struggle to focus and remain on task throughout the day? The feeling that you or your child is constantly on the “go” and needs to be always moving? Having trouble remembering what you were going to do?

All of these and more could possibly mean that you or your child has ADHD. ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) affects children and adults. It can cause stress, aggression, impulse control issues, poor work/school performance, and more. Medication is one tool that helps but also collaborating with a licensed therapist on develop tricks or tools you can use to help reduce the symptoms and stress. Problem-solving, time management and planning are skills you can develop through therapy along with processing the emotions attached.

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