A couple in divorce counseling.

Divorce Counseling

Divorce is never easy and can be exhausting and emotionally draining. This is even more so when children are involved. Finding ways to manage your feelings during this time is hard, but when you add children’s feelings as well, it can be even more overwhelming. It is important to manage their needs as well as your own. Working with families is essential during this time. Having a safe place for children to express and explore their own thoughts and feelings will help them understand what is happening in a way only children can. Play Therapy, Talk Therapy, Art Therapy, and Narrative Therapy are all forms of therapy utilized to help children explore what divorce means and what their new daily normal is going to look like. For adults, it is having a safe place to grieve the loss of the marriage, fear of the unknown, as well as and the uncertainty of what is to come. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Talk Therapy and others are utilized to help you find your path and heal from a devastating loss, as well as a place where your needs can be met. Here, you can learn ways of processing your feelings safely and come out whole at the end.

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