Depression therapy.

Christian Counseling for Depression

It is normal to feel down or sad after experiencing a major event. But what do you do when the sadness does not go away? Losing a loved one, a natural disaster, moving, and especially COVID-19 has caused people to struggle with depression. With feeling lost with no idea where to turn. Sometimes it may not even be sadness you feel; it could be anger, restlessness, fatigue, and others. While there are many ways depression can manifest, one thing is common, everyday events become hard.

Seeking guidance and help to navigate depression allows you to regain control. To find ways to bring joy back to your daily life and cope with stress. Therapy can help by offering support, guidance, interventions such as coping skills and life management skills to alleviate the symptoms of depression. Having a safe place to discuss and manage their emotions to have a healthy outlook on life.

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